A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Week 8 of the Weekly Game Jam - (theme 'Reborn')

When a man's house is hit by an alien meteor, he is granted the most incredible super human powers!

Unfortunately this meteor also kills him. Luckily the powers he was given allow him to cheat death itself and he is reborn from the ashes with all of his powers but as a baby... He is known as...

Download and play and let us know what you think!

Kalekdan - Programming and pixel art

Asaedry - Music and sound design (https://soundcloud.com/marshall-miller-12)

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run the SuperBaby.exe


SuperBaby.zip 109 MB


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Love the choice of music, and the fact that the baby bops his head along to it :) I like the tutorial messages, and found the fart boost mechanic to be fun - would like to see it used in more difficult platforming sections, maybe with collectibles to hit in mid-air that would refill your boost and require another mid-air fart.

My only real complaint is the control scheme - maybe move some of the actions to the other hand? However, being able to drink / smoke / stroke a cat while playing is quite nice ;)

Cool game!

I enjoyed the fart dash a lot, and saved the wooooorld! :)